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Betty Lerche was born in Alsfeld and later moved to Berlin .She studied filmmaking at the State Academy of Fine Arts, Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main in the film class of the renowned Austrian avant-gardist Peter Kubelka.

Betty always lived on the edge and sometimes she tried new paths like doing an agricultural apprenticeship on a biodynamic Demeter farm. She started her film studies in at the DFFB Berlin- Deutsche Film & Fernsehakademie Berlin - before she moved to Frankfurt. After completing her studies she volunteered at the Anthology Film Archives New York and became influenced by its founder Jonas Mekas and his poetic personal film style. 

Because of her short films "Rose" and "Amor" she was granted an Artist Residence in Tokyo,by Fuji Film Japan. From 2000 until 2003 she lived inTel Aviv, Israel before she moved back to Berlin.

Betty says: "As a filmmaker, I want to think with the heart. I want to create glimpses of beauty and make us better understand each other as human beings through a poetic depiction of our lives. It is a poetic-structural exploration of the world.
As a filmmaker, I'm kind of an anthropologist - anthropologists of cinema and the human soul. An alternative historiography - a deeply subjective and poetic, always with an eye for the other, through the only visible to the essential. Pure film, pictures, editing, rhythm, sound.


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