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„Oh sing, Ulysses, sing your travels, tell your story, tell where you have been, tell what you have seen….“

The journey begins in Frank Schoppmeier's Salon and Cinema Museum in Berlin-Kreuzberg with Beverly, Charlotte and Grete. Friends from the USA have their say: the Orthodox Rabbi Mike Moskowitz from New York on Transgender and Transcendent, Ma-Nee-Chacaby, Two-Spirit-Woman from the Ojibwe-Cree tribe, Ruby Corado from Washington DC.

The main aspect of the film is: thinking with the heart - opening the soul and thereby thinking. A story is told poetically using a wide variety of people and a picture emerges like a mosaic. A modern fairy tale in the here and now. However, the almost greater fascination of this film lies in the world that is created in this special combination of word, music and movement. Thanks to a courageous fusion of excerpts from B / W film parts by Lothar Lambert's "1 BERLIN-HARLEM", own pictorial poems, imagery, and again with the life reality of the actors, this special kind of authenticity is achieved. As a filmmaker,I think in pictures and think with the heart. I want to create glimpses of beauty and make us better understand each other as human beings through a poetic depiction of our lives. It is a poetic-structural exploration of the world. As a filmmaker, I'm kind of an anthropologist - anthropologists of cinema and the human soul. An alternative historiography - a deeply subjective and poetic, always with an eye for the other, through the only visible to the essential. Pure film, pictures, editing, rhythm, sound.


Within the life of transgender people, gay people, people of different skin colors etc. to find the general human, the universal, that is what we have to show in this film.

The actors are all representative of the human being as such, of the general human being, in which everyone can find themselves.

The joy and the sometimes unspeakable suffering of these people. I am a child of this world.

Charlotte, one of the actresses, says in the film: “Why do we only look at what separates us? Let's take a look at what unites us, where we are all the same. "All these people are very courageous!
Identity is something much more complex.

 This brings you closer to these different people, who all talk about themselves in a very personal way.

The connection with the Two-Spirit People of the Lakotha Indians is shown historically and poetically staged, as well as with what Ma-Dee says about herself. Current events, such as that of Rabbie Mike Moskowitz, up to the murders of black transgender women and gay people. A big bow is made from the beginning of the film with the saying by Luna: "I wish to set on fire every human out of the cosmic spirit......" to the end of the film: Ruby’s pain, which tells of the murder of her loved one. “Pain is real y'all”

Betty Lerche
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